We live in a fast changing modern world, which becomes more and more complex each day.  In trying to comprehend and assimilate my life experience, I create art.  My work is the product of all forms of art that have influenced me in the past and today. I love portraying the time and the mood of the moment. When I am painting, I feel like I am writing a poem in my journal. I live in my paintings while I am creating them. They are emotional, touching, romantic, alive, exciting and thought provoking.  The process of creating them is a great pleasure, joy and meditation for me.

Each of my paintings has its own character.  I want to connect with the viewer by sharing my thoughts so that we can experience the pleasure of these feelings together.

My intent is to grow in my artistic path that I could bring the highest quality to my art.  I want my viewers and collectors to look for this growth and appreciate the sound of academic quality while enjoying the art.